Mήνυμα Φινλανδής Ακτιβίστριας για το Αττικό Πάρκο

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“Is Agriculture Minister Apostolou giving a “green light” to a sea sanctuary for Atticas dolphins?

media in Greece

I am a dolphin activist and work behalf Attica Zoological Park Dolphinarium dolphins rights and freedom from circus work and captivity. There has been positive movement in Greece, and winds of change has started to blow to right direction.

I ask you, media- professionals, to take a challenge and interview your decision-makers, your politicians- it is time that they take response of theis decisions, actions- and also from their words- their promises.

I ask polite you to interview Agriculture Minister Apostolou about this issue:

(Google- translation in english)
“Agriculture Minister Apostolou commissioned in the presence of Stefan Eck, the animal-friendly Greek parliamentarian Giorgos Dimaras (Environment Committee), who participated in the meeting, with the draft Proposal for a new regulation for dolphin Area in Greece!”


This MEP Stefan Bernhardt Eck’s post tells, that Agriculture Minister Apostolou is giving a “green light” to start planning a sea sanctuary for Atticas seven captive dolphins. This commissioned is really remarkable, and greek citizens and all the world cetaceans- friends want hear more about this issue.

Thank you so much in advance.

Best regards

mrs Tarja Tanskanen, Finland