The Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation says “YES” to the Municipal Vet Clinics, “NO” to the Municipal Shelters-Prisons

The Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation (PFPO) denounces the illegal and/or the legal municipal shelters-prisons-warehouses of living beings and asks their shut down as such and their transformation into Municipal Vet Clinics or where there are no shelters, the solely establishment of Municipal Vet Clinics.


A shelter that does not meet the necessary conditions, that does not employ professional staff and does not adhere strictly to regulations for the protection and the welfare of the animals.

A shelter that has not neutered its animals which do not receive regular veterinary care.

A shelter that in substance is an animal disposal place rather than temporary protection until they are adopted.

A shelter as such, even if it belongs to “animal lovers”


the PFPO calls it INFERNO!


Our Federation, having received many complaints against municipalities which “settle” by stuffing in dozens of strays under miserable conditions in places totally unsuitable, labeling this act as “strays handling program”,

extends a helping hand to all the stakeholders involved to,

either within the shelter or independently, establish Vet Clinics.


The PFPO campaign to promote the institution of Municipal Vet Clinic helps Municipalities and Unions, through the answers of a series of questions, in the form of FAQ, to understand the necessity of establishing such a project, to learn to resolve technical problems, and to properly and quickly orientate them through the bureaucratic procedure.


The PFPO promotes this campaign through its website.

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In the relevant poster you will find all the necessary information to start the procedure.


The Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation