Communication Of The Pan-hellenic Coordinating Committee Of Animal Welfare Unions On The Occasion Of World Animal Day October 4th

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Athens, 21.09.10

In a few days, the world celebrates the Animal Day.

For us citizens, animal welfare unions, the various groups struggling for the protection, well-being and the rights of animals, October 4th is not a commemoration day.

It is a day of considering, thinking, deciding and struggling for the rest of species on our planet, most of which are treated as if they were less important creatures or simply things.

It is a special form of racism, causing all the suffering of animals. We selfishly take the right to look down on other creatures and from all this magic called life, we respect only human life.

It is however scientifically clear, that, if one creature is suffering, it feels like any other creature, regardless of being small or big, marine or of the land, wild or domestic. Pain, anxiety, fear, happiness, hunger and thirst are feelings experienced in a similar way both by humans and animals.

This is we struggle to achieve respect to what is different, to the right of life and the quality of life of animals.

We believe that it is important for people and animals to coexist in harmony; we are struggling to stop any form of exploitation and abuse of animals by humans.

The Pan-Hellenic Coordinating Committee of Animal Welfare Unions is taking part in the gathering of October 4th, at 11.00 in the morning, outside the Parliament Building, during which a resolution will be given to the President of the Parliament and at 14.00 a Press Conference will be held in the Chamber of the Editors’ Union to call for:


A country without stray animals.

A country without “entertainment shows” and “violent sports” based on captivity, death and abuse of animals.

A day without red fur factories, with mild and not violent forms of economic growth.

A country respecting the quality of life of production animals, whose Day is commemorated on October 2nd.

A country that will not use animals in research. A country with a different mentality and culture for the rest of life on the planet.




Anastasia Bobolaki