Article in about Mrs. Bobolaki speech, PFPO’s president at the workshop in Naxos

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Natassa Bobolaki_speech_workshop Naxos

Source: Article in about Mrs. Bobolaki speech, PFPO’s president at the workshop in Naxos.

During the workshop in Naxos titled “Protection, animal welfare and abuse of pets, equines and farm animals. Legal framework and prospects” which took place on 14 and 15 December 2019, Mrs. Bobolaki, President of Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation said that PFPO primarily supports public information and education and secondary is in favor of repression and prosecutions.

Mrs. Bobolaki mentioned that being a volunteer for animals is quite difficult and stressful in Greece. Volunteers have to deal with the misconception that human has absolute domination over animals. She made it clear that “inhumane behavior towards animals is an issues which is not personal but concerns our society as a whole”.

MrsBobolaki call on the audience to live with empathy and comply with animal welfare rules. She added that “animals should not be exploited, as they have the right to live in dignity just like humans”.

But which those animal welfare rules? According to Mrs. Bobolaki, animal welfare exists when an animal is healthy and well fed, lives in a safe environment where it is able to express its normal and physical behavior and it does not suffer from pain, fear or agony. In other words, she made reference to the five freedoms. Also, she listed all rules applicable to protection and humane treatment of animals.