The discussion in the Committee of Agricultural Development of Europarliament

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Dear Mr. Dalla Villa


I would like to thank you and Mr. Gavinelli for the time and attention you provided me on our recent meeting of March 17th 2014.

Kindly please extend my thanks to Mr. Gavinelli.

Since you notified me of the parliament’s committee for the stray animals voting on March 18th, i.e. today, Ms Bobolaki, the President of  PFPO, has managed to get hold of the Greek members of this committee to whom we addressed a memo with our proposals.  For your information, allow me to quote a part of this memo:

“In headings, our proposals are:

  • Ban individuals from home breeding for at least 5 years and revisit this measure in the future again judged by the outcome.
  • Sanctions against Municipalities that don’t implement strays sterilizations   programmers, otherwise the management of the strays population should be assigned over to the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural development and Food.
  • Ban the sales of any animal at shops and flea markets.
  • Monitor and register all breeders, take measures for licensing, create centralized registry of births (even in the central database of the European Union and not the individual Member States), puppy tracking etc.

We agree with Mr. De Castro that the measures taken so far have not paid any results, not because such measures are not effective but because the legislator himself do not implement them thoroughly and efficiently.

We agree with Mr. De Castro that more drastic measures are required for the control of stray animals, but you have to realize that if you don’t take our proposals seriously no other measures will give results and the problem will never be solved.

Even if tomorrow  all the strays magically disappear, if we don’t take action as we proposed  above, the population of the stray animals will quickly pick up and we will soon return to the present situation. “

Regarding the barrel-dogs campaign, having clearly understood the boundaries of your Unit as explained to me, we would greatly appreciated if you could consider issuing a supporting letter to this campaign. Needless to say, we are at your disposal for whatever clarification/additional information you need for such a letter.

Last but not least, it would be great to bring me in contact to CARODOG and any other international organization you think that will empower us to win our battles at the animal abuse front.  Even a mailing list to address our campaign material will be of great help.


Once again, thank you

Kind regards

For PFPO and the President Ms Natassa Bobolaki

Iro Irineou