Answer the Kennel Club’s of Greece letter to the Prime Minister

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The Prime Minister of Greece


To the

Minister of Agricultural Development and Foods


To the

Kennel Club of Greece



A first instance organization like the Kennel Group of Greece, no matter how many supporters from the government it may have, can no longer deceive the members of the Parliament, the Prime-Minister’s co-workers, various other bodies and even the International Cynological Federation.


It is not acceptable that just few people disgrace our country abroad.


They failed to impose the mutilation of animal’s, despite their lies about the welfare of the animals.

The fact that they present themselves as being the only experts, is not only ridiculous but also shows that they just worry about their pocket and this is the reason why they are in panic.


They also claim that hunter dogs are hurt by their tails, which, according to scientific studies, is very rarely the case. The real problem is that the movement of the tail frightens the game away before the hunter is able to shoot them.


Animal rights activists, lawyers, the Law Council of the State, the European Union, the competent authorities, the ministers and a large part of the veterinarians are, according to the Kennel Club, laymen.

We also mention that:


For the participation of the dogs in the various exhibitions of the Kennel Club, the owner pays money to the organizers. The non-participation of animals which are not mutilated would mean a great loss for the Club’s cash, as most hunter dogs in Greece are mutilated; besides, some breeds are traditionally mutilated like for example the Doberman.

The illegally mutilated dogs are sold at high prices while those with tail are not sold or their price falls considerably.


Since 1992 they have been breaking the law by docking tails and cropping off ears and the animal welfare organizations have not stopped gathering mutilated animals.


Enough with that


They have to accept it, that animal mutilation is prohibited and realize, whether they are owners, breeders or veterinarians, that they have to respect the European and the Greek law.


They might as well cut their own protruding ears, since they have no tail.


Because if their ears protrude they may have an accident, if they cut them off the possibilities of an accident will be reduced.


We are not being sarcastic, we are using their arguments, in the hope that they realize that they are ridiculous, as the reasons why they are so passionate about animal mutilation are obvious.


Finally and for everybody’s information, the opinions expressed by the President of the Greek Veterinarians’ Association are her personal views or that of the majority of the Administrative Committee, and not a unanimous decision of the instruments of the Greek Veterinarians’ Association. As a result many veterinarians are against it and have expressed their disagreement openly.


The Press Communication of the Scientific Veterinarians’ Movement is a typical example ( as well as that of the Autonomous Radical Veterinarians’ Intervention (


We would like to present the legal framework again, so that is understood well.




  1. The Law 2017/1992 that ratified the European Convention on the protection of pet animals, which Greece signed on November 13 1987, prohibits in its article 10 of 21/2/1992, the beautifying mutilations and in article 3 it foresees penalties for those who break the law. Greece made no reservations, which means that on the basis of the law a complete ban on mutilation is in force since then, and in article 3 of Law 2017/1992 penalties are foreseen for the breakers of article 10 about mutilation.


  1. The explanatory report of the European Convention on the Protection of Pet Animals to the Council of Europe mentions: Article 10 – Surgical operations. The article has been formulated so as to emphasize the prohibition of surgical operations which are carried out mainly for beautifying reasons or for the personal welfare of the owner and or/ the creator of it.
  2. The multilateral consultation of the parties to the European Convention in Strasbourg in March 1995, on the Protection of Pet Animals in the resolution on surgical operations in pet animals:



The Parties to the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals, Anxious to encourage full respect of the provisions of the Convention;

Recalling that Article 10 of the Convention prohibits surgical operations, for the purpose of modifying the appearance of a pet animal or for other non-curative purposes, in particular docking of tails and cropping of ears;

Considering that such operations present a risk for the health and welfare of the animals; Aware of the problems met by certain countries to implement the provisions of Article 10 of the Convention; Determined therefore to made strong efforts to abolish such practices; Recognising that cropping of ears and docking of tails as referred to in Article 10 paragraphs 1.a and b of the Convention are carried out only as customary practices or to fulfill the requirements of certain breeding standards; Convinced therefore that a revision of these breeding standards would facilitate the achievement of the objectives of the Convention presented in Article 10;



1. to promote awareness particularly among judges, breeders, veterinarians and keepers that mutilation should not be carried out;

2. to encourage breeding associations to amend breeding standards in accordance with the provisions of Article 10 of the Convention using as a basis the recommendations presented in the Appendix to this Resolution;

3. to consider the possibility of phasing out the exhibition and the selling of

animals having been subjected to these operations.


In the annex to this resolution it is emphasized that there is no need for dogs to be subjected to surgical operations to crop off their ears, as some hunters and cynologists want. Among other breeds, the five breeds which the aforementioned groups want to be exempted are also included (attached).

This resolution has also been signed by Greece.


  1. The Law 4039/2012 was created on the basis of the aforementioned resolution of the Multilateral Consultation and prohibited the participation of mutilated animals to any kind of exhibitions. Mutilation was described as animal abuse with strict penalties.


  1. The Opinion of the Law Council of the State, on 30/09/2013, which was accepted and signed by Minister of Agricultural Development and Foods Mr Tsaftaris, making clear to breeders and hunter dog clubs that there will be no exemptions from the prohibition of mutilations, because the Law 2017/1992, ratifying the European Convention on the Protection of Pet Animals, is in force over the law and, according to article 28 par.1 of the Constitution it may not be modified by any other common Law.


The laws of Greece fully harmonize with the commands of the Council of Europe. The abolition of mutilations is completely established in our country and there is no ambiguity.


In conclusion, we would like to let everyone know that we are completely indifferent to any sue threats.


No sooner said than done.


Our goal is still animal protection and nothing else.

Pan-Hellenic Animal Welfare and Environment Federation ( 50 associations) &

Pan-Hellenic Coordinating Committee of 115 Animal Welfare Associations


Anastasia Mbombolaki
Mariza Christodoulou
Vice- Chairwoman
Maria Houstoulaki